The project ROBOTECHNO is the tribute to the Robot Technology mixed with the hottest techno / electro music. The two musicians, Redav and Logy are on the same wavelength and also mastering technical A.I. projects together. The music builds also a bridge between two beautiful lakes (Ammersee & Lago Maggiore). 

Let the story begin...

The story of ROBOTECHNO begins early 2020 with the creation of a robot „IQZERO“ (it is able to learn and increase its own abilities through deep learning and artificial intelligence). The two creators, Redav and Logy, also started composing appropriate music. The first album (REDAV) contains the song Intelligenza Artificiale (the Italian language is Logy’s third „mother tongue“) and engine sounds for electric cars.  The area around Lago Maggiore and the Friday night sessions at the lakeside Kiosk were the motivation for the next album (LOGY). Tango Maggiore and Logy Stick are major milestones on the road. Click on the images below for details.

the story CONTINUES...

…in the year 2021. It was also time to involve a brilliant keyboarder (inprivatemusic) into the most creative phase of Robotechno. The next album (PRIVATE) was made during the COVID lockdowns and the songs Vaccination Day and Tango Mutante are important steps for everyone. During the additional „quarantine time“ in the home studio, the next concept album (ELEMENTI) was created – as a tribute to the natural elements and saving the environment. And now, it’s time for relaxation and learning tango. The album (TANGO) was released at Christmas 2021. Click on the images below for details.


…with NO KRAFTWERK: The real story is not about the electronic music – but about the energy situation in Europe, especially in Germany, in the second half of 2022. It is crazy. Some years ago it would be a green song, defining the requirements of the energy program. Today it is a cry for help. CRAZY: Robotechno now deals with social and political issues such as Climate Change, Pandemic, Energy Crisis, Warlords, Digitalizing, Globalization. POWER: The next ROBOTECHNO album is available for prewiev and co-work! Behind the scenes: LOGY is electrical engineer on the way back to the power roots…


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Tango – that has been a passion of ROBOTECHNO from the very beginning. If you listen Tango Maggiore or Tango Mutante on the previous albums, you can feel the spirit. Now is the time to present a full album on TANGO.


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Porto Valtravaglia, Italy